How do you make a library feature in SOLIDWORKS?

What is a library feature?

Library features allow you easy access to commonly used features with all of the parameters and dimensions pre-defined to your specifications. Simply drag and drop onto your model and SOLIDWORKS takes care of the rest. Let’s take a look at how this is done.

Can a user create a library feature from a multibody part?

You cannot create a library feature part (*. sldlfp file) from a multibody part document. To create a library feature: Open a new part, sketch a profile, and create a base feature.

How do you add features in Solidworks?

Click Insert Smart Features , which appears over the component in the graphics area. In the graphics area, right-click the component and select Insert Smart Features. Select the component, then click Insert > Smart Features.

Where is the Design Library in Solidworks?

The Design Library folder is located on the disk in install_directoryDocuments and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataSOLIDWORKSSOLIDWORKS_versiondesign library.

How do you add features to a design table?

Right-click an item and select Configure dimension, Configure feature, or Configure component. Then select Auto-create in the Design Table PropertyManager when you create the design table. Search ‘Manually Add Parameters in a Design Table’ in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.

How do I add a feature to all configurations in Solidworks?

Configure Feature

  1. In the FeatureManager design tree or graphics area, right-click a feature, sketch, or mate and click Configure Feature .
  2. In the Modify Configurations dialog box, you can: Create new configurations. Suppress or unsuppress the feature for each configuration. Click.
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Does solidworks have a library?

SOLIDWORKS® Toolbox includes a library of standard parts that is fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS. … The Toolbox library contains a folder of master part files for supported standards along with component size and configuration information.

How do I save a sketch to Library in Solidworks?

Saving Sketches in the Design Library

  1. In the FeatureManager design tree, select the sketch to add to the Design Library.
  2. In the Design Library, click Add to Library .
  3. In the PropertyManager, under Save To, type a file name and select a Design Library folder.
  4. Click . The sketch is saved as a block in your Design Library.