How do you delete a section in STL?

Hit the Select button, set the size of your brush, then paint the area you wish to select. Once selected you can hit your backspace key on your keyboard to delete the part.

How do you delete parts of a 3d model?

You can delete individual parts from a 3D model or delete the entire model. The part or model is not permanently deleted until you save the project. To delete models and parts: In the Palette, on the Objects tab in the Model tree, right-click a model or part and click Delete.

How do you delete a section in STL in blender?

1 Answer

  1. select vertex of part you want to keep.
  2. select linked by L.
  3. invert selection Ctrl + i.
  4. delete X.

How do you delete part of an object in Cura?

Just go to marketplace and install mesh tools. Then load the model and select extensions then mesh tools and split models into parts is there then you go move or delete parts.

How do you delete a mesh mixer?

To do so, click on the “Select” tab. Select the part of the model to remove, then erase it using “Erase and Fill”. MeshMixer will automatically delete the selected shape, while leaving a smooth surface without irregularities.

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How do I edit STL files?

Step 1: Open STL file and convert it to solid model

  1. Open FreeCAD and create a new document by clicking on File > New.
  2. Click File > Import and select the object you want to modify. …
  3. Change your workbench to Part.
  4. Select the imported object in the Model window. …
  5. Now click on Part > Create shape from mesh.

How do I get PETG off my bed?

To avoid the mess of glue stick (and a better solution for PETG) after you clean your bed with dishwashing soap and a little water, dry it off, then use Windex or Hair Spray – spray it on the cold bed and let it dry – don’t wipe it off. This leaves a small film which stops the PETG sticking too hard.

How do you remove PLA from Ender 3?

Scroll to Control Settings > Temperature > Nozzle. Use the LCD knob to dial the temperature up. Wait for the hot end to reach the desired temperature. Squeeze the extruder lever to release the grip on the filament, withdraw the filament, and remove the spool.

How do I delete part of a mesh?

How to delete elements of mesh in Blender

  1. Switch to Edit Mode . …
  2. Depending on whether you want to delete a vertex, edge or face, choose the corresponding Select Mode. …
  3. To choose the elements of the mesh you want to delete, click on them using the right mouse button.

How do you erase in blender?


  1. Select an erase brush of type Soft/Hard.
  2. Adjust brush settings.
  3. Click and hold LMB or use the Pen tip to delete strokes on the viewport.
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