How do you add screw threads in Solidworks?

How do you add threads in SOLIDWORKS?

Start by creating a cylindrical extrusion or cylindrical hole, much like the initial steps to of making a cosmetic thread. The feature size should be the same as the nominal thread diameter. From there, select the starting edge. Then, click “Insert” then “Feature” and “Thread.” This will automatically create a thread.

How do I enable threads in SOLIDWORKS?

To do that, go to the Annotations tab and select ‘Model Items’. Then select a view and a ‘Destination view(s)’ section will appear with the desired view, and under ‘Annotations’ you will want to select the cosmetic thread icon (as shown in the picture below). Then you should be good to go!

Where is the thread option in SOLIDWORKS?

Open a model with a cylindrical part and click Insert > Features > Thread .

How do I create a thread in Solidworks 2020?

To create a cut thread: Open a model with a cylindrical part and click Insert > Features > Thread . In the graphics area, select a circular edge.

Set the starting position of the Thread Location:

  1. Click Offset.
  2. Click Reverse Direction .
  3. Set Offset Distance to 1.00mm.

How do you add male threads in Solidworks?

Using the Thread Tool

The Thread Tool can then be found underneath the Hole Wizard Tool on the Features tab of the Command Manager, or in Insert>Features>Thread. Once the Thread Tool is selected the location of the thread needs to be specified by selecting a circular edge. Then the thread specification should be set.

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How do you add threads to a callout in Solidworks?

To insert cosmetic threads from assembly documents into drawings, click Insert > Model Items and click Cosmetic thread . In drawings, Insert Callout appears in the shortcut menu.