How do I use Revit cloud Workharing?

How do I use Revit cloud?

Starting with Revit 2020, there is a new way for BIM 360 Design users to initiate workshared cloud models.

  1. Create a new Revit model or open an existing model.
  2. Use the Collaborate tab to enable worksets.
  3. Save the workshared file to BIM 360 Document Management by selecting “Save As > Cloud Model” in the File menu.

How do I access Revit cloud Workharing?

To do so:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter your email address and click Next.
  3. Enter your password and click Sign In.
  4. Click All products and services on the left.
  5. Scroll through the list of products and verify you have Revit Cloud Worksharing. You should also verify that you have BIM Collaborate Pro.

How do I link a cloud model in Revit?

You can link models using Revit Cloud Worksharing or Desktop connector.

Link Revit Models in BIM 360

  1. From Revit, go Insert .
  2. Click External Resource in the left panel of the file browser. …
  3. Navigate to the location of the cloud model, whether Cloud Workshared or Cloud Non-workshared.
  4. Select the model and click Open.

How do I sync Revit to Central?

To save your changes locally, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S. To save your changes to the central model using the current settings, click the Collaborate tab > Synchronize panel > Synchronize with Central drop-down > Synchronize Now.

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Does BIM 360 save local files?

Revit creates a lot of files in your Windows User folder on your local drive. … BIM 360 Design local files: C:Users%username%AppDataLocalAutodeskRevitAutodesk Revit 2019CollaborationCache. This is where the “Local” file is saved for a BIM 360 Design project.

How do I open a Revit file in bim360?

Use Revit Home to open a model from BIM 360 Document Management. On the Home page, under Models, click Open. As an alternative, from the ribbon, click File tab Open (Project). In the Open dialog, navigate to the folder where the model resides.

How do you save a cloud model in Revit?

Upload a Non-Workshared Model to Autodesk Docs (Cloud Models for Revit)

  1. Click File tab (Save As).
  2. Select Cloud Model. …
  3. In the Save as Cloud Model dialog, navigate to the desired project and folder on Autodesk Docs. …
  4. Click Save. …
  5. Click Close to continue.

What is cloud models for Revit?

Cloud Models for Revit provides seamless collaboration between Revit non-workshared cloud models and Revit workshared cloud models. Use Cloud Models for Revit to save your non-workshared, local model to a selected project on Autodesk Docs. Save a model to the cloud to enable cloud collaboration workflows.

How do I publish to bim360?

Click Collaborate tab Manage Models panel (Manage Cloud Models). Select a BIM 360 project. From that project, select a model from the list and click (Publish Latest) to publish the latest version of that model. Click Publish to confirm.

How do I link my Revit model to bim360?

Link Revit Models in BIM 360

  1. From the Insert tab in Revit, click Link Revit.
  2. Choose the BIM 360 drive in the file browser.
  3. Navigate through the project and folder structure to the location of your model.
  4. Select the model and click Open.
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What is linking in BIM?

“Live linking” is the workflow that most users will be used to if they’ve used Revit Cloud Worksharing prior to the release of BIM 360 Design. What this means is that you are linking directly to another team’s model where they’re actively making changes – the model “live”, not static.