How do I get my free Archicad license?

As I mentioned, students, educators, researchers, and schools are entitled to receive the fully functional education version of Archicad for free. For that, first, you need to download the 30-days version from platform and then apply for full year extensions until the end of your studies.

How do I get an Archicad license?

Go to the head of the class with a fully-functional, one-year renewable license from the Educational Licenses website. The plan views and published layouts include the GRAPHISOFT logo. Educators and schools can also download Archicad for free! Activate your EDU license.

Where can I find my Archicad serial number?

Please find your serial number on the My Products page after login to the site. My ArchiCAD education license will expire soon.

How do I get an Archicad trial license?

Use the Trial License to try out the full functionality of ARCHICAD for up to 30 days, on a single computer. The trial license requires a serial number, which can be obtained by registering at

How long is Archicad free trial?

Register to download a fully functional 30-day trial version of Archicad for free!

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Is Archicad free for students?

Architecture and design students are entitled to receive the fully functional education version of Archicad for free. Download the 30-day version right away and apply for full year extensions until the end of your studies.

How do I renew my ARCHICAD student license?

Renewing Your Archicad Educational / Trial License

  1. copy of your student/faculty ID;
  2. screenshot of web registrar;
  3. transcript (can be unofficial);
  4. payment receipt; or.
  5. letter from your school on university letterhead verifying that you are a student/teacher.

How do I delete my ARCHICAD account?

How can I delete my Graphisoft ID? Graphisoft ID by clicking Delete my account at the bottom of the page.

How do I change my license in ARCHICAD?

To update, download and otherwise manage your license keys, use the License Manager Tool. The Hardware Key (Dongle) contains your license information on a USB stick. Before you start using the latest version of ARCHICAD, this Hardware Key must be updated.

Is ArchiCAD subscription based?

Archicad Subscriptions

Get Started NOW with a complimentary 30-day Subscription Trial, which converts to a regular Subscription License after the introductory period has ended.

What is the difference between AutoCAD and ArchiCAD?

Key differences Between Autocad and Archicad

AutoCAD is a CAD system that helps in drafting, 3D modeling, and rendering. … Whereas ArchiCAD, on the other hand, is built for BIM and Virtual Building Modelling. It is basically used to create building models. In ArchiCAD, drawings are blended or meshed within the model.

Is ArchiCAD or revit better?

ArchiCAD is by far the better tool for architectural design. Revit has far more features for building engineering but it is frankly pretty much crap as a design tool. Both are good at automating document production but ArchiCAD is much easier and more sophisticated in its capabilities in this regard.

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Which is better SketchUp or archicad?

Compare Archicad and SketchUp

When assessing the two solutions, reviewers found SketchUp easier to use and set up. However, Archicad is easier to administer. Reviewers also preferred doing business with Archicad overall.

How do I get archicad student?

Accessing Archicad for Educational Use

The latest version Archicad is now available for immediate download for Educational use via To obtain a copy of Archicad 22 for Educational use, simply register to start downloading the required program files.

Is archicad difficult to learn?

ArchiCAD is not the easiest software, but it is much more user-friendly and accessible than e.g. AutoCAD. However, you try to do quite complex things (create a 3D model of a building) from the very beginning in ArchiCAD, while in a first AutoCAD course you usually draw a few 2D lines… which obviously is easier to do.