Best answer: How do you push smooth surfaces in SketchUp?

How do you make a curved surface smooth in Sketchup?

Use the Push/pull tool and pull it out to the width that you want it. Hold down CTRL, click on the Eraser tool and erase the lines that you see on the top and the bottom so the surface is ‘smooth’. Move away from the first shape, and start work on another one. Create another set of arcs.

How do you push and pull surfaces in Rhino?

Rhino modelling using SketchUp push pull technique

  1. Execute the command SplitFace. If you want to split by a line, simply draw it (activate Near or other OSnap recommended) …
  2. Execute the command ExtrudeSrf. You can now push or pull, depending if you extrude outwards on inwards.

What is the shortcut key for push pull tool?

Many people are intimidated with the idea of having to remember a ton of keyboard shortcuts, but I assure you, the majority of them are obvious and easy to remember. Start out with a few simple ones, like Select (Spacebar), Push/Pull (P), and Rectangle (R).

How do you bend straight lines in SketchUp?

To draw a line that’s a path you can bend with points and curvature controls, you follow these steps instead:

  1. With the Line tool ( ), click and drag to draw the line. …
  2. Release the mouse button, and without clicking, move the cursor to set the curve’s direction and size, as shown on the left in the following figure.
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How do you push objects in SketchUp?

Select the Push/Pull tool ( ) or press the P key. Click the face you want to push, as shown on the left in the following figure. Move the cursor in the direction you want to push. You can push partway into your model to remove only some of it, as shown on the right in the following figure.

What is a pull push rule?

A push pull rule is a measuring tape that coils into a compact case. It is used for measuring long, short, straight lengths.