Where is the Render tool in Solidworks?

To access the Render Tools toolbar, click View > Toolbars > Render Tools. PhotoView 360 commands are only available on the toolbar when PhotoView 360 is added in to SOLIDWORKS.

How do I enable render in SOLIDWORKS?

Rendering with PhotoView 360

  1. With a model open, click Tools > Add-In and add in PhotoView 360.
  2. Start a preview in the graphics area or open the Preview window to see how changes you make to the model affect the rendering.
  3. Edit appearances, the scene, and decals.
  4. Edit lights. …
  5. Edit PhotoView Options.

How do I render in SOLIDWORKS 2021?

Rendering Images

  1. In SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional, open a model and click Tools > Render, or in the main toolbar, click Output Tools .
  2. In the Output Tools dialog box, under the Render Settings area, click PowerBoost . …
  3. Set the Render Mode. …
  4. To start rendering at a later time, select Send to Queue.

Does SOLIDWORKS have rendering?

Rendering with PhotoView 360

PhotoView 360 is a SOLIDWORKS add-in that produces photo-realistic renderings of SOLIDWORKS models. The rendered image incorporates the appearances, lighting, scene, and decals included with the model.

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What render engine is SOLIDWORKS?

Using NVIDIA’s Iray® render engine inside of SOLIDWORKS Visualize, users view a precise and physically correct representation of their CAD model, as if they had physically produced it. Lighting, materials and form all come together realistically without sacrificing visual quality.

How do I use render tools in SOLIDWORKS?

To access the Render Tools toolbar, click View > Toolbars > Render Tools. PhotoView 360 commands are only available on the toolbar when PhotoView 360 is added in to SOLIDWORKS. Search ‘Render Tools Toolbar’ in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.

Why can’t I render in SOLIDWORKS?

If your Render Tools are greyed out, or you can’t see the ‘Render Tools’ option then make sure the Add-In is enabled. To do this go to Tools>Add-Ins (near the bottom) and then ensure there is a tick next to Photoview 360. (If you put a tick in the Start Up column then PV360 will open every time you open Solidworks).

How do I use GPU rendering in Solidworks?

To select a render mode:

  1. Click Tools > Options > 3D Viewport.
  2. Under Render Device, clear Automatic.
  3. Select a render mode: CPU, if your CPU is significantly more powerful than your graphics card. GPU, if you have a powerful video card such as an nVidia CUDA-enabled GPU with more than 1 GB VRAM.

How do I add RealView graphics to Solidworks?

Click one of the following:

  1. View Settings > RealView Graphics.
  2. RealView Graphics (View toolbar)
  3. View > Display > RealView Graphics.

How do I make a Solidworks assembly look realistic?

You can use RealView and Ambient Occlusion to add realism to your models without rendering. You can use PhotoView 360 within SOLIDWORKS or Visualize, a standalone suite of tools, to produce photo-realistic renderings of your models.


How do I render a dimension in Solidworks?

To include annotations and dimensions in final renderings:

  1. Do one of the following: Click PhotoView 360 > Schedule Render. In the Schedule Render dialog box, select Render visible annotations and dimensions. …
  2. When the rendering is complete, click OK. The rendered image includes the dimensions and annotations.

How can I render online for free?

These are the best 3D rendering resources available online, and each one is entirely FREE.

  1. 1 | Blender 3D. Let’s go ahead and start with the mother of all open-source 3D modeling and rendering programs. …
  2. 2 | GrabCAD. …
  3. 3 | SketchUp and LuxRender. …
  4. 4 | 3D Total. …
  5. 5 | CG Architect. …
  6. 6 | Xoio-Air.

How do I open a KeyShot file in SOLIDWORKS?


  1. After downloading, double-click the installer (.exe) file. Follow the prompts and click Finish.
  3. Go to Tools, Add-ins, Other Add-ins.
  4. Enable Active Add-ins for KeyShot 9.
  5. Enable Start-up for KeyShot 9.
  6. Click OK.

What is the best rendering software for SOLIDWORKS?

KeyShot is widely recognized as the best rendering software for SOLIDWORKS professionals on both macOS and Windows, and the fastest, easiest, and most powerful for selling a concept, creating presentations, exploring digital prototypes and creating sales or marketing visuals – all from your SOLIDWORKS data.

What is 3D CAD rendering?

3D rendering is the 3D computer graphics process of converting 3D models into 2D images on a computer. 3D renders may include photorealistic effects or non-photorealistic styles.