Are SVG files supported by all browsers?

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is officially supported by all main web browsers, including Internet Explorer. The support spans into a wide variety of image editor software, particularly Inkscape, which uses SVG as its native format (If you want a refresher on SVG, click here).

Do any browsers not support SVG?

The SVG spec is extensive and no browser currently supports the entire spec. That being said all the latest versions of all the major browsers have basic SVG support. Since none of them have complete support you’ll need to check individual features in each browser you’re targeting.

Does Google Chrome support SVG?

Chrome browser doesn’t support SVG format with <img src=””> tag anymore. … You can apply CSS rules by defining a class on the <object> tag like shown in above example. And you can also add width and height attributes on the <object> tag. I hope this will resolve your problem in Google Chrome Browser.

When did browsers support SVG?

Support for SVG in Safari and Chrome is relatively new (circa 2008 when Chrome was introduced). Chrome was the first browser to launch with native SVG support from the beginming.

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What does your browser does not support SVG mean?

The browser does not support inline SVG issue that appears because developers are trying to embed SVG elements on webpages that are not fully compatible. A similar issue appears when browsers don’t support inline PDFs and has a similar cause, but it is mostly related to browser compatibility issues.

Does HTML support SVG?

SVG images can be written directly into the HTML document using the <svg> </svg> tag. To do this, open the SVG image in VS code or your preferred IDE, copy the code, and paste it inside the <body> element in your HTML document.

Does Safari support inline SVG?

Safari browser version 3.1 to 5 doesn’t supports. Safari browser version 5.1 to 12 doesn’t supports HTML5 Inline SVG in HTML5.

How do I open SVG files in Chrome?

All modern web browsers support viewing SVG files. That includes Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. So if you have an SVG and can’t open it with anything else, open your favorite browser, select File > Open, then choose the SVG file you’d like to see. It will appear in your browser window.

Why is SVG not showing up?

If you are trying to use SVG like or as a CSS background-image , and the file is linked to correctly and everything seems right, but the browser isn’t displaying it, it might be because your server is serving it with an incorrect content-type.

Does ie11 supports SVG?

2 Partial support in IE9-11 refers to not supporting animations. 3 IE9-11 & Edge don’t properly scale SVG files. Adding height, width, viewBox, and CSS rules seems to be the best workaround.

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What is SVG in browser?

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an XML-based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics with support for interactivity and animation. The SVG specification is an open standard developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) since 1999.

Can browser display SVG?

Browser Support

Internet Explorer 9 and later can display SVG natively. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and the Android browser have been able to show SVG natively for a while, at the time of writing.

Can I use SVG CSS?

We can use SVG in CSS via data URI, but without encoding it works only in Webkit based browsers. … SVG must have attribute xmlns like this: . If it doesn’t exist, it will be added automagically. Encoded SVG can be used in background , in border-image or in mask (live demo).


SVG and PNG both are a type of image format to store images. SVG is a vector based image format where an image is represented by set of mathematical figures and PNG is a binary image format and it uses lossless compression algorithm to represent image as pixels.

Can I use SVG 2?

The general consensus from the browser vendors is that SVG 2 should be finished but that it should be restricted to fixing the problems with SVG 1.1 2nd edition along with a few choice selected new features (like ‘paint-order’) which have already been implemented by multiple browsers.

What is inline SVG?

Inline SVG simply refers to SVG markup that is included in the markup for a webpage.