How do I check my points in Civil 3D?

Click Edit Points on the context menu. The Point Editor is opened. If you cannot see the Point Editor, click at the top of the Prospector tab to display the Panorama window. Use the Point Editor to edit or view the points.

How do I view points in AutoCAD?

Type PTYPE on the command line and press enter, Point Style window will open with a list of available point styles. You can select any other point style from this list of points and click OK to apply the point style.

How do you edit points in Civil 3D?

Select a point in the drawing, right-click Properties. On the Design tab expand the Autodesk Civil 3D section to display the point properties for Display, Information, Coordinate, and Labeling. To change a property, click in the cell and enter a new value or select a value from the list.

How do I add points to my surface Civil 3D?

In Toolspace, on the Prospector tab, expand the surface Definition collection, right-click , and click Add Point. At the command line, you are prompted to select a point. Click on the location for the point.

How do you add elevation points in Civil 3D?

Inserting a Feature Line Elevation Point

  1. Click Modify tab Edit Elevations panel Insert Elevation Point .
  2. Select the feature line or other object.
  3. Click to select the location along the feature line to insert the elevation point.
  4. Specify the elevation by entering a value.
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How do I edit a point in AutoCAD?

How to change point style in AutoCAD?

  1. Click on the “Utility” panel drop-down arrow and select the “Point style” option. …
  2. Or type “PTSTYLE” in the command bar and press the Enter key. …
  3. Select point style from it as per your requirement. …
  4. Also, set the ‘Point size’ and click on ‘Ok’.