Best answer: How do you create an RPC in Revit?

What does RPC mean in Revit?

An RPC family is a Revit entourage family created using the RPC Family. rft or Metric RPC Family. rft template files. For these entourage objects, you can specify RPC files to use for their render appearances. Open the Revit RPC family in the Family Editor.

What is RPC content?

ArchVision RPC stands for Rich Photorealistic Content, and is used to create the illusion of 3D by combining high quality photographic images with minimal polygonal geometry. An RPC file contains many pictures of the same object, each one taken from a different angle.

How do I use Enscape assets in Revit?

The easiest way to add an asset in Revit is to place it in a floor plan view. Select the appropriate level and the asset you want to place by clicking on it. The Library window will automatically minimize and your cursor will allow you to place the asset. Just click once to place the asset exactly where you want it.

Can I edit Enscape assets?

We can place these assets directly into our CAD project, but it would be advised to review and edit them first and this is the same process as above for single model files. Again, to edit the asset, hover the mouse over it in the Custom Assets Library dialog and click on the Edit Asset button.

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Can you download Enscape assets?

The Asset Library is a feature that functions online by default, but the assets are also available in an ‘Offline Mode’, meaning the assets can now be downloaded for offline use. To do this, check the Offline Enscape Assets checkbox to be found at the bottom right hand side of the Asset Library window.

Where can I get more Enscape assets?

The Enscape Asset Library, as mentioned earlier, is an excellent place to find high-quality 3D assets, including a large range of Revit, SketchUp, Archicad, Vectorworks and Rhino 3D people. For more information on how get the most out of Enscape’s collection of free, ready-made assets, check out these best practices.