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Amerisips Homes Charleston Custom Home Builder
Jul 222014

MGO-panel-installingJuly 22, 2014

That does seem silly doesn’t it. A Mercedes, BMW or other luxury car could weigh the same or less than a Pickup Truck, but if you compared value by price per pound, you would own a Pick up Truck!

The same comparison can be made for building a home with SIPs panels. The quality and energy efficiency is significantly higher, but if you priced the square footage per dollar, you’d probably own a poorly constructed (inviting mold, mildew and drafts) home that delivers poor air indoor quality to your family and for which your heating and cooling utility bills may triple the SIPs panel home envelope and energy features.

So the next time you are shopping with your professional real estate professional for a new home, change the paradigm. Compare what the house delivers (HERS ratings, savings, etc.) vs. square footage. You’ll find you can gain significantly more quality by seeing it through a new lens.

If your real estate professional doesn’t have information on SIPs homes, feel free to have them contact us (or contact us directly) and we will be happy to provide information, either in documentation or by meeting with us.