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Amerisips Homes Charleston Custom Home Builder

Tiny House


We no longer build tiny homes at this time. 

OUR WEBSITE HAS MOVED! If you think SIPS are strong, wait until you see our new EcoShell product. 

The tiny house influence is well established in the mountain and pacific regions of the U.S. Single folks and couples are realizing they can live with less. Born was the tiny home.

We built our tiny house to market our Free Energy Living® and Insulsteel Innovation Inside™ technologies that go into every custom home we build. Check out our tiny house and our Insulsteel construction. However, come see us at a local Charleston event.

Tiny House
Our tiny house is approximately 200 sq. ft. 16'W x 26'L.
Tiny House Living Room
Note the exposed steel ceiling trusses with foam insulation.
Bathroom Sink
Sink is from Ikea.
Tiny House Exposed Back
We left off the finished exterior siding to demonstrate our Insulsteel Innovation Inside™ technology.
Tiny House Loft and Kitchen area.
Tiny House Kitchen
Tiny House Shower Exposed
We didn't finish the shower to demonstrate our Insulsteel Innovation Inside™ technology.