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Amerisips Homes Charleston Custom Home Builder
Sep 112013


Due to marketplace pressures from depressed prices, high inventories and homeowners desperate to rescue and recover their financial footing, existing home sales overshadow what were once considered the many compelling features of building your own new home.

What has become more compelling to most home buyers today is choosing to move into an existing home, despite the shortcomings of designs and floor plans, or poor energy performance and the likelihood of high maintenance and operating costs. With tight pocketboooks, customers are wary of cost overruns and long construction schedules that are frustrating and all too common with new home construction. New ‘spec’ home purchase options are limiting for consumers with pre-selected floor plans, pre-determined interior finishes and color choices that the builder has speculated will appeal to new home buyers. Buying and living in some else’s dream has become more common in the new normal marketplace.

Enter: Amerisips “Your Home Your Way” Building

At Amerisips we have crafted a program with a unique set of capabilities for developers and buyers that effectively span the large gap in the way consumers want to live with what they thought they would have to settle for – we call it “Your Home Your Way”.

Home and building buyers don’t have to settle for an existing home and compromise their needs and wants with our Eco-Shell Your Home Your Way program. Amerisips has created this new approach with proven systems, processes, building sciences and technologies to deliver more choices with fewer compromises for customers and enable them to ‘have it your way’. Amerisips’ experience in design, construction and building technologies break down the old construction paradigm with an optimized product offering for today’s buyer and developer economics.

Why is this the ‘Better Way’?

The exterior or Shell of the home or building is the first physical manifestation that showcases the true marketing power and sales advantages of our program. Amerisips has married all of the benefits of its architectural and design team with the optimized performance features and construction speed of it’s Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPS). This has the advantage of providing a completely customizable interior floor plan and design suited to any buyer, delivered in a LEED certified energy efficient package with the highest air quality. Because it is so highly energy efficient, the buyer qualifies for substantial energy credits, thus further reducing the effective cost of living in your dream house. Call us at Amerisips to start your own path to Your Home, Your Way.