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Amerisips Homes Charleston Custom Home Builder
Jul 042014

solar-thermal-solsticeSouth Carolina’s electricity prices have increased 37% in the past five years, and that number may go up with the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed guidelines to slash carbon emissions from S.C. power plants, according to electricity cooperatives.

The proposed EPA guidelines, which were announced in early June, would require states to reduce carbon emission rates — the ratio of carbon emissions to energy produced — from power plants by a certain percentage by 2030. Though the EPA aims to cut emissions rates by 30% overall, the rate cuts vary state to state.

“We also have great potential for solar thanks to the solar bill that passed this spring.” said Conservation Voters of South Carolina Program Director Alan Hancock, referring to a bill that allows residents to lease solar panels without paying high up-front costs. Making existing coal plants operate more efficiently could further reduce the emissions target by 5%.”

Between the generous Federal Energy credits offered for Solar panels and the capability to lease panels, there is very little reason not to build your new home and lower your monthly expenses at the same time!

Start with an airtight building envelope with solar panels to maximize your energy consumption.  Start with Amerisips.