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Amerisips Homes Charleston Custom Home Builder
Sep 112013


The Need for Change

Sam Rashkin, Chief Architect, Building Technologies Program, US Department of Energy and Former Founder & National Director ENERGY STAR for Homes, U.S. EPA

Quote from “Retooling the U.S. Housing Industry” book

There are more than 130 million existing single family and multifamily homes in the United States. More than 95 percent of them evidence poor performance base on commonly occurring symptoms; unnecessarily high utility bills; seasonal discomfort; poorly managed interior moisture levels that can lead to musty smells, mold and dust mites; epidemic levels of respiratory health problems; widespread thermal defects; high indoor noise levels; window condensation; excessive bugs; high levels of dust; ice dams in winter and uneven peeling paint.”

At Amerisips, we do not design and construct broken houses – we design quality homes…and we don’t use that word lightly. You know it is quality because we build Platinum LEED Certified and EPA Indoor AirPlus Qualified Homes. We don’t have to tell you the quality is there – they do. The new building standards of excellence.

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In the U.S., buildings account for:

  • 39% of total energy use
  • 12% of the total water consumption
  • 68% of total electricity consumption
  • 38% of the carbon dioxide emissions
  • 40% of waste and land fill

Enter: The Housing Paradigm Shift…. SIPs Construction and Sustainability (to be continued)