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Amerisips Homes Charleston Custom Home Builder
Oct 212013

MGO-panel-installing Through generations of time, man has searched for superior building materials to withstand forces of nature. We migrated from mud and thatch to log and stick. Despite the evolutions, drafts, mold & mildew, poor air quality, inadequate insulation and a poor barrier for Mother Nature succumbed to the elements.

Decades ago, famed architect Frank Llyod Wright resurrected the Structured Insulated Panel to engender the construction of a superior home – Amerisips continues in his footsteps, offering the superior construction of SIPs.

Most SIPs construction utilizes the pressed OSB boards with styrafoam sandwiched in between. This extremely advantageous material offers far more benefits to the home owner.

As a species, we desire to continually improve, and thus enters our AmeriBoards – Magnesium Oxide panels.

Magnesium Oxide SIPS panels (MGO) are the next generation of SIPs having a superior fire rating to traditional fiber cement and OSB SIPs panels. MGO panel skins are available in thickness of 6 mm to 30 mm. AmeriBoard panels can be used for basement walls and waterproofed with the same methods and materials used to waterproof a concrete basement wall. AmeriBoard (MGO SIPS) are a healthy choice as they contain no organic solvents, heavy metals, asbestos, oils or other toxic ingredients and are classified as a “Green Building Material.”

MGO will not support black mold growth and has a high resistance to moisture absorption making it anideal choice for wet humid environments. MGO is strong, durable and impact resistant, and are a requirement for hurricane prone areas.

With the use of a MGO SIPS panel, drywall can be eliminated which further reduces the time and cost of construction. The exterior surface ofMGO SIPS can be painted or coated with a synthetic stucco finish, lap siding, brick veneer, stone and a host of other suitable exterior finishes making it extremely versatile.

View the video on this unique product.

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