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Amerisips Homes Charleston Custom Home Builder
Jun 052014


It is reported from Associated Press that South Carolina Electric & Gas Co. wants to raise its rates 3 percent to help cover the cost of building two new nuclear reactors.

The utility serves about 675,000 customers in the state and filed the rate request late on Friday with state regulators.  The increase, amounting to about $50 a year for the average electric customer, would help cover the $70 million in construction costs during the past year for the new reactors at the V.C. Summer nuclear in Fairfield County near Columbia.

If you built a home with Amerisips and chose to receive State Energy rebates for Solar Panels for your power and hot water, you could be laughing about this, but it is not a laughing matter for most homeowners.  We just chatted with someone who rents a small home and has utility bills in the $400 range per month!  Imagine slicing that by 85%…. its not a dream, it could be your reality.

Unfortunately, just having solar panels installed on a poorly constructed and drafty home (too much air is lost through roofs and walls) will not yield as much savings as a tight SIPs building envelope.  Let us work with you to help you reduce your bills and own the house that you’ve always wanted.