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Amerisips Homes Charleston Custom Home Builder
Oct 022014

On September 29, the State of South Carolina approved another rate increase for SCE&G power users. The increase is about 3%, and will raise the cost of the average user’s utility bills by about $49 per year. It’s the seventh approved rate increase since 2009, with the cost of all seven increases combined for the average user reported to be over $233 according to The State. The utility serves about 675,000 customers in the state.

So what’s the answer?  The best way to manage utility costs long-term is to reduce your home’s need for them, and that’s our specialty!  Qualifying Amerisips homes receive State Energy rebates for Solar Panels for the home’s power and hot water–one of our award-winning homes has an average power cost of just over $300, not per month, but per year!  Imagine slicing your current utility bill by up to 85%!

Contact Dail Zimmermann at dail@amerisips.com today to ask about building your next home with Amerisips and stop spending hundreds of dollars too much on utilities each month…for as long as you own your Amerisips Home!