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Amerisips Homes Charleston Custom Home Builder
Nov 122013

mgo-residential-296x300Magnesium Oxide (MGO) SIPS (Structured Insulated Panels) panels are the next generation of SIPs having a superior fire rating to traditional fiber cement and OSB SIPs panels.

MGO SIPS are a healthy choice as they contain no organic solvents, heavy metals, asbestos, oils or other toxic ingredients and are classified as a “Green Building Material.” MGO will not support black mold growth and has a high resistance to moisture absorption making it an ideal choice for wet humid environments.

MGO is strong, durable and impact resistant, a requirement for hurricane prone areas. With the use of a MGO SIPS panel, drywall can be eliminated which further reduces the time and cost of construction. The exterior surface of MGO SIPS can be painted or coated with a synthetic stucco finish, lap siding , brick veneer, stone and a host of other suitable exterior finishes. MGO SIPS have superior loading, fire ratings and acoustic values over OSB and fiber cement SIPS.

Our MGO SIPS are fully approved internal and external sheathing products manufactured under JAS/ANZ CODEMARK Conformity Certification. These certifications are recognized throughout 20 counties worldwide. Amerisips is re-inventing construction for today’s living, not 100 years ago. Visit our models and offices to learn why YOU should be living in an Amerisips Home.