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Jul 172014

Photovoltaic systems are rampantly being installed across the U.S.

Chicago became the epicenter for LEED-certified buildings more than a decade ago with the opening of the Chicago Center for Green Technology and now has the most LEED-certified projects in the U.S .

Photovoltaic systems are the most popular installation among homeowners, and California stands as the top state for solar energy. The Convention Center houses one of the largest public-facility solar installations on the West Coast, generating 1 million kilowatt-hours of pollution-free electricity.

The top 10 states for Solar power are:
1. California
2. 2. by encouraging solar tech and PV manufacturing.
3. Connecticut
4. Maryland
5. Massachusetts
6. Minnesota
7. New
8. New
9. Oregon
10. Pennsylvania

With the very generous Federal and State Tax Credits available, South Carolina endeavors to join the Top 10.
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