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Flatfish Island Designs

Flatfish Island DesignsAmerisips Homes offers home designs from Flatfish Island Designs, Coastal Carolina’s premier provider of purposely designed and finely detailed home plans. Their coastal home plans feature the same high-quality materials, features and finishes one would expect from a luxury design.

Below are a few designs we chose that would work well with our “Free Energy EcoShell™” building enclosure. Additional designs will be added. Visit Flatfish Island Designs website to get more inspiring ideas.

Flatfish Island Designs Bulls Bay Creek
FID Bulls Bay Creek

2,320 Square Feet (approximate)
3/4 Bedroom
3.5 Bathrooms

Flatfish Island Designs Folly River Hammock
FID Folly River Hammock

965 Square Feet (approximate)
3 Bedrooms
1 Bathroom

Flatfish Island Designs Nippers Escape
FID Nipper’s Escape

1,106 Square Feet (approximate)
1 Bedroom
1.5 Bathrooms

Flatfish Island Designs Reedy River Perch
FID Reedy River Pearch

2,804 Square Feet (approximate)
4 Bedroom
3 Bathrooms

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