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Amerisips Homes Charleston Custom Home Builder

Amerisips Home Building Process – Your One Stop Shop

Our energy-efficient home building process starts with your interest in building a well-insulated, energy-efficient home that reduces your energy demand and provides you improved indoor air quality.

Let’s Determine Your Budget

Determine Your Build BudgetAmerisips is serious about budgeting…so serious we can include a fixed ‘not to exceed’ budget on the homes we design, regardless of size, complexity or customization.

  • Having it your way includes matching your new house to your budget.
  • A Free Energy Living® home reduces operating expenses improving your monthly cash flow and making you eligible for a Green Mortgage.
  • No more guesswork about how much your new home will cost – you know exactly how much your home will cost before you start.
  • Your budget includes a line item breakdown of every material and system to be installed in your new home.
  • 20-30 % of all traditional construction materials are thrown away, but you still pay for them. Our construction process saves building materials and your budget.

Our Design Experts Create Your Design

Amerisips Homes DesignAmerisips has assembled experts in design, building sciences and systems integration – and partnered with area and national architectural services – so you wouldn’t have to. We’ve taken the stress and hassle out of designing and building your custom home with our one-stop shop approach that includes all of these services at no extra costs:

  • Custom home design.
  • Interior design and finishes.
  • Mechanical systems design and integration.
  • Structural engineering.
  • Construction management.
  • Third party testing and certifications – USGBC LEED for Homes and EPA Indoor airPLUS.

Easy, Quick and Better is what Amerisips is all about.

Better Brands to Choose

Amerisips Supplied BrandsBecause Amerisips is a direct original equipment manufacturer (OEM) distributor for many of the products that go into your house, we can economically install better brands in every house we build.

  • Our direct supplier relationships streamline ordering and cut out middleman costs and markups that drive up costs but don’t add value.
  • Better Brands direct means higher quality materials and systems at lower costs.
  • Better Brands mean higher home performance and lower operating and maintenance costs.

Creating the EcoShell

Insulsteel EcoShell - insulated steel panelsWe start with the best building structure available, steel insulated panels that are stronger, more energy efficient and assembled faster than traditional stick frame – 2 x 4 construction.

  • Steel insulated panels are manufactured in a factory, according to specific architectural plans for each home.
  • All Window and door openings, electrical and plumbing chases are cut accurately into the panels at the factory and delivered directly to the job site.
  • Your Free Energy Living® home will be assembled or “framed” and dried-in just a few days.
  • Steel insulated panels are tested and proven to perform at 2 to 3 times stronger than stick framing and can be built to withstand winds up to 200 MPH.

>> Tell me more about the EcoShell

Our Customers Are Created Equal

Diverse Custom Home OwnersWe believe that every customer, no matter the size or budget of their home – cottage or country villa – should receive the same hassle-free process, stellar customer service and high performance Free Energy Living® home.

  • Our processes, materials and manufacturing systems all perform at the same high level regardless of your home size or budget.
  • Our Amerisips panels perform at the highest levels for all homes – reducing energy costs and creating a tight building envelope.
  • We perfectly match your HVAC, plumbing, electrical and solar system to your house size.
  • The USGBC and EPA programs certify every home’s performance.
  • Amerisips delivers better brands, high quality- fast and easy – regardless of the home you decide to build.
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If you have your own custom home design or like one of our model designs, email or call us and we’ll provide you the pricing structure.

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