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Amerisips Homes Charleston Custom Home Builder
Sep 112013

Energy independence is no longer a movement relegated to the apocalypse-touting and granola-eating subsects of the American population. It’s now accessible and attractive to main-stream and cost-conscious home builders. Gone are the days of bulky solar panels and protruding wind turbines. Thanks to Amerisips – an all-in-one, green developing, designing, distributing, and building company – Charlestonians can enjoy Free Energy Living…in style.

Amerisips uses structural insulated panels to form the foundation upon which their business model, company name, and homes are built. They use SIPs (which are six to eight inches thick) for the floor, roof, and walls of what they call their ‘Eco Shells’.

Steve Bostic, managing partner explains “we start out with a really tight envelope that is totally insulated, reaching insulation levels of R34. Once we shrink down energy demand by having more efficient insulation, we then supplement the energy bill with solar panels.”

Amerisips homes require a third of the solar panels that are needed on stick-built houses,. So, it becomes affordable. First, they determine the customer’s budget. Most houses within the Amerisips communities range between 450 and 700 thousand dollars. Homeowners are not restricted to the many choice Amerisips communities, they can build on any plot of land.

The Amerisips team includes house designers on staff to adapt a design to fit the customer’s needs. And finally, the future homeowner decides, with their assigned project manager and interior designer, which finishes (including furniture) are desired.

“We’re able to give the customer a lot better quality of product for a lesser cost”. Once this equation is complete, the result is a high-performance LEED Platinum certified, EPA Indoor Air Plus-certified and well-appointed EcoShell home ready in as few as 60-90 days.

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