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Amerisips Homes Charleston Custom Home Builder
Sep 192013

goGreenThink Going Green is just about the environment? Think Again!

The regulatory environment has been steadily moving real estate towards sustainability…the government offers tax credits..its more than just about climate change.

It was only a matter of time before the property and casualty insurance for real estate increased it’s rates, and it is happening now.

If the environment and tax credits in your pocket aren’t enough, consider saving on your home insurance, energy bills (heating and cooling), having clean air to minimize allergies, dust, mold and mildew commonly found in traditional stick-built homes.

Want to establish your own legacy to the world? Build a SIP home and leave a small footprint while you laugh all the way to the bank and enjoy your healthy home.

Most ICF walls have a low R-value. It’s possible to increase the R-value of an ICF wall by adding more exterior insulation, but that just raises the cost and complexity further still. Most ICF structures use a traditional stick-built roof vs. SIP panel roof, so air leaks out/in and the building envelope is inherently compromised. The concrete walls complicate future remodeling and additions, as well as decorating.

If you are exploring the options, SIP homes should be on the top of your list. Want a tour? At Amerisips, have models at all stages (ecoshell through completed home). Call us at 843-637-4311 to schedule your tour today.