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Eye of the Storm

Thank you for reading our feature article in the Post and Courier over the weekend. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Johns Island, SC Tornado – September 25, 2015

Amerisips EcoShell™ home was designed and built to meet the most advanced US building standards for energy consumption, indoor air quality and hurricane winds. The 3,691 square foot home received no structural or water damage when hit directly by a tornado on Johns Island, SC at 1AM on 1/25/15.

Amerisips “EcoShell” Home Design Profile

726 Sunny Boy Ln, Johns Island, S.C.

  • The Amerisips EcoShell’s structural insulated panels were built to withstand up to 200 MPH winds.
  • The Solar photovoltaic system is designed to yield annual electric cost estimated at $1200/year… the system was not damaged.
  • Solar Lithium Ion batteries provide 200 AMPS of standby power “off the grid” during emergencies.
  • Solar thermal water heating provides a sustainable domestic hot water system at no utility cost.
  • The home is also designed with a “rain water” cistern to reduce annual water consumption and sewer usage to minimum costs.
  • Hurricane impact glass windows protect the home from severe water and airborne object damage.
  • Two hour rated firewalls and roof protects the home from fire.
  • EPA Indoor airPLUS air quality certification provides ‘clean air’ for homeowners.
  • USGBC’s LEED Platinum Certification insures the building is built to he highest quality standards.
  • US DOE ‘Zero Energy Ready Home Certification’ assures the home design and construction meets the requirements of the DOE’s “Top 1% of of US Builders.”

Learn more about building your new home with EcoShell structural insulated panels and all the benefits. Provide your information below or contact us at (843) 352-2370.