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The Free Energy Lifestyle – Living the Free Energy Way

Your Home Designed for You

Free Energy Lifestyle - Your Home Designed For YouNow you can enjoy a new home designed for you, by you. It wasn’t painful, you had fun designing your own floor plan and picking your own colors. Your budget wasn’t left behind along with the construction schedule months ago. No more left-handed kitchen layout when you’re a right-handed person or climbing stairs when that’s the last thing you wanted to do. Windows and doors and cabinets and countertops exactly where they need to be for you and your family. Now you can experience your home …your way.

More Money in your Pocket

Home Buying BudgetYour Free Energy Living™ home is performing for you every day. Economically and environmentally a real high performance home. But not only are you saving more energy than you dreamed possible, you are generating free energy every day the sun shines. Go ahead – gloat in front of your old neighbors comparing utility bills. Now you have the freedom to start thinking about what you can do with several hundred dollars staying in your pocket every month – a vacation, a car, boating or fishing … how about adding to that savings or retirement account?

Healthier Home, Healthier Family

Free Energy Lifestyle - Healthy FamilyBreathe deep and take in the luxury of superior air quality – every breath you take is fresh and filtered. You have the comfort of knowing that all the materials in your new home were carefully selected with low or no VOCs and don’t off-gas formaldehydes or other pollutants. Your indoor air is actually fresher and healthier than the outside air. Less dust and mold or allergens floating throughout your house means everyone can breathe easier – in every season – even allergy season.

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