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Amerisips Homes Charleston Custom Home Builder
Sep 112013


A Broken Model

When the national economy burst after years of artificial subsidies and cheap mortgages, the fact-based post-mortem for the construction industry revealed multiple self-inflicted wounds, including countless years of price escalation, customer abuse and process entanglement. Years in the making, like a diseased organ in a sick patient, bad practices, endless layers of entangled specialty contractors and shoddy processes burdened the entire industry with high costs, rigid systems, long construction delays, questionable quality and few choices for the ultimate buyer. No amount of ‘green’ products, tax credits and stimulus funds or the liberal application of renewable energy systems will heal these mortal defects in the industry.

What compounds the problem exponentially is that America’s existing house stock is also broken and not constructed to perform at even moderate levels, driving up living costs and taking away the option of selecting a high-performance home for millions of families. Experts such as the U.S. EPA’s Energy Star program director, Sam Rashkin put it more succinctly. Ninety-nine (99) percent of America’s 120 million houses are “sick” – damp, drafty, dusty, noisy and expensive to heat and cool – and “could be made at least 30 percent more energy-efficient with highly cost-effective, tried and true energy-efficiency improvements.” according to Rashkin.

Disentangling the Construction Process

No longer. Over a seven year period, Amerisips has identified and successfully removed multiple layers of material and labor costs, streamlined the construction process, dramatically cut time and materials waste, along with wasted energy and water to give buyers real choices while designing, building an delivering residential and commercial buildings with measurable, high performance at lower costs and with better quality.

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